On this page you will find the RULES OF THE GAME for FiT FANTASY Sweepstakes CrossFit Games 2022 edition, ELIGIBILITY TO WIN, the LIST OF PRIZES, and, when the competition is over, THE LIST OF WINNERS.

FiT FANTASY Sweepstakes is a game of analysis, research and strategy. Create your team or teams. The teams with the most points WIN.

CrossFit® Games is a registered trademark of CrossFit, LCC. Given the nearness of the date to the CrossFit Games, CrossFit HQ is unable to promote or support this contest, or grant permission for the use the Games trademark, but has given their blessing to this project. We are very greatful for their support.

BYND® FiTLAND is commited to promoting a healthy and wellness lifestyle where #FitnessIsFun as well as supporting the community in every possible way. No athlete that qualifies to the CrossFit Games should have to miss them because of lack of funds. We pledge to donate whatever proceeds we can to help get athletes in need to Madison, specifically from developing countries in latinamerica.




The GRAND PRIZE for the FiT FANTASY CrossFit Games 2022 contest is a CUBOFIT® (commercial market value greater than $15,000 USD) https://www.cubofit.es/ – (Not so fine print: The CUBOFIT® does not include equipment and does not include shipping costs. Equipment will be able to be purchased at a discounted price through one of our partners. Shipping available practially anywhere in the world, but check with us to make sure).